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April 11th, 2009

As some know, I always tried to help out where I could at LiveJournal where I could. I even took an official design and coded it into HTML/CSS for them (which was perhaps a highlight of my summer). I also volunteered (and still do, to a point) as a support volunteer for LiveJournal – helping users do things with their account, such as confirm their email address, debug their CSS, et cetera. It was definitely a highlight for me, and I greatly enjoyed it.

Then, LiveJournal was sold yet again, and many of the friends I had made in their San Francisco office were summarily laid off. I do believe I started stepping away from LiveJournal at this time, as I suppose I sensed that things were taking a turn. I worried about the blog.

Now many of the friends I made through LiveJournal support are helping on the project, which is still in closed beta.

Now, there are many LiveJournal clone sites out there. Since its social blogging format is OpenSource, it’s very easy to set up one’s own journaling site. We have everything, such as DeadJournal, and many others that I probably haven’t even heard of yet. Dreamwidth, however, I feel holds promise. It, to me, seems like it is going to be much more open to users than LiveJournal was. I feel that one of the things which caused LiveJournal to begin the spiral it’s in is that the business which took it on were only interested in profits, rather than serving the userbase, and were therefore going to do what they could in order to get every last cent they could from the userbase.

Of course, Dreamwidth is still in closed beta. It is still a bit rough, and still being smoothed out. At the same time, however, it’s a very exciting process. I do hope I can at least become somewhat a part of this – I feel that it will be a great opportunity to be a part of something. Something extraordinary.

Of course, Dre is much more of a developer than I am (she happens to be working on their importer). But with my limited knowledge, I’m looking at what I can do as well. :)


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